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June 22, 2022

As you may have read in one of our previous newsletters or via social media, project Held went to Uganda in February for a pioneering trip to Foodstep in Entebbe.


Foodstep is a children's home where children are taken care of who have nowhere else to go. Most children come out of prison what they call a rehabilitation center there. Children from the streets who have been rejected or abused are brought to this prison, where they are harshly disciplined. Foodstep has already succeeded in taking a lot of children away from this place to receive them lovingly in their children's home. Project Held now supports a number of these children.

Foodstep regularly visits this prison (we can't name it because of protection) and has been able to achieve a lot over the years. For example, the children now receive an education instead of sitting behind bars all day. In addition, the hygiene was deplorable, which has also improved greatly due to the positive influence of Foodstep.

The Belgian couple Nathalie and Werner are the founders of Foodstep. They have a piece of land at their disposal and their dream is to build 5 houses here. It is a beautiful place on Lake Victoria which they want to rent out to church and youth groups for a wonderful retreat and a place to give seminars, a place to spend time with God.

This will provide employment for the older children in the orphanage. In addition, they want to develop a vegetable garden which in turn ensures self-sufficiency for the children.

At the moment they are already busy building and there are 3 foundations for the houses. Unfortunately, the prices for materials have almost doubled in recent months and it is no longer financially feasible to finish the houses.

In addition to literally helping to build, we would like to help with the costs so that all houses can be realized. We need you here! You can contribute in several ways:

  1. *For €25 you give one stone for a house. A cottage needs 400 bricks to be completely ready to receive guests.
  2. *It is possible to donate a complete house with your church, group, foundation or company! A house can be built for 10,000 and you can give the house a name! (Obviously with Foodstep approval).
  3. *It is also possible to help build the houses in September with a group of friends, family or church, but you must provide for the costs yourself.

If you have another idea, you can of course always contact us! We love to work together and make this project a success!


Phone: 0341-424 785

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