How can you send a letter to your sponsored child(ren) via the website?

You do that by going to My Account > My Letters to go.
There you can send your letter in 3 steps. You can view and download the submitted letter again later in My letters.

In addition to sending text, you can add (up to) 2 photos to your letter. It is also possible to give a present, which will be used for the children in the home of your sponsor child.

Do you (as a sponsor) not yet have a password for My Account?
Then fill in the My account login screen in the Register block your e-mail address and click on the REGISTER button.
You will soon receive a link in which you can create a (new) password.
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About Project Hero

Our vision

We want to rescue as many children as possible from poverty.

Due to poverty, children often fall between two stools and there is no longer any prospect of a hopeful future. They get caught up in survival and lose childhood early.

The consequences of all this can be, prostitution, human trafficking, begging, etc. Growing up without a home and a safe base means that a child is damaged for the future.

We want to make this hard for these children. This can be done through sponsoring. When a child is sponsored, he/she can go to school, live in a safe environment and build for the future. In addition, we are closely involved in our projects and there are short lines of communication, which ensures that the care for these children is shared.

Because we regularly travel to our projects with a team, brotherhood, a mutual relationship and trust are created so that when there is an emergency, the alarm can be raised quickly.


Not so long ago, God also defined us among the families and lonely people in the Netherlands. We also want to help and support people in this, together with those involved, and as far as it is within our reach, we want to be a bright spot in the sometimes dark times.

“Love in Action” is what we want to convey to the one who can use it at that moment. By involving as many people as possible, we contribute a little bit to the suffering that people can sometimes end up in.

Our motivation is to spread the love of Jesus in what we do!

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Our team

Viviane van der Bijl

Financial worker

Viviane van Bijl has worked at Project Held almost from the start and has seen Project Held grow, but also experienced it in the more difficult times, when the children threatened to lose sponsors and the projects could barely keep their heads above water. That gives her a heart to persevere in standing up for these children!

Viviane mainly works in the finance department and she also helps with all kinds of hand and span services within Project Held. Project Held visits a number of projects every year and Viviane is also closely involved in these. Together with Tine Buis they are responsible for all activities and developments within Project Held.

Tine Buis


Tine has had a passion for children all her life, especially children who are just missing the boat. About 10 years ago she started as a volunteer at Project Held, which quickly grew into a valued member within the team.

Due to her boundless energy and empathy, she has been able to assist Project Held in the growth and development to where it is now. Together with Viviane van der Bijl, they are responsible for all activities and developments within Project Held.

The board

The Project Held Foundation has a three-member board consisting of:

  • Willem Adriaan (Iwan) van den Broek - Chairman
  • Alphonsus Johannes (Alphons) Buis - Secretary
  • Albertus Hendrikus (Henk) Kotterink - Treasurer

All three directors are deeply involved in the work of Project Held and have a heart for orphans and the widows.

In addition, very knowledgeable in the field of foundations, finance, accounting and missionary work. We are very happy with this board and hope to put Project Held even more on the map together with them. 

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Project Held is committed to helping children in hopeless situations. We also support other aid projects.
You can transfer gifts to:
NL45 INGB 0009 4022 93 tnv Stichting Project Held. All your donations are tax deductible.

Chamber of Commerce number: 83287515, RSIN no: 862813256.
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