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PROJECT IN South Africa

Tshega Christian Mission

What does the day look like:
The children go to school from Monday to Friday. They get up around 6 am. The older children help with breakfast and the younger children also help get ready for school. School starts at 7:00 am, after school around 4:00 pm. they go to a special place where they get a hot meal and help with their homework. Afterwards, fun games are played with the children and the children are supported in dealing with situations they have experienced during the day. The parent(s) of these children live in extreme poverty and are often illiterate themselves. Sponsoring supports the children in their upbringing and care and in their daily needs such as food, love and attention.


Project information:
Tshega Christian Mission was founded in August 2006 by Ellanie van Rooyen and is located in the province of Limpopo near the town of Tzaneen. Ellanie worked at a school that was about to close and the children would end up on the streets. Ellianie then took care of the children and started teaching them under a tree. This resulted in a school called The Lighthouse Academy. The school officially opened its doors in 2009. This is now a recognized school and the foundation also has various other projects that help the people in the area. A nutrition program (of which your sponsor child is a part), helping unskilled women with manual labor courses and a project in which they distribute clothes and school uniforms to the poorest children. The difference between rich and poor is very large in South Africa. As a result, children and young people often go on the criminal path out of boredom and hopelessness, often they get into drugs. Tshega's goal is to give children the opportunity to go to school and thus find hope and purpose for the future. Bringing young people together is a good opportunity to tell them about God and show His love. That is why the gospel is central to all the help they provide.

With your support, your sponsor child will receive a hot meal every day. Your sponsor child will receive help with homework and will receive a school uniform. In addition, there is room for personal attention and the children play together so that the home situation of poverty is forgotten for a while.

Children who need a sponsor at
Tshega Christian Mission

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Project Held Gifts

A goat, bible, sewing machine or water filter. Examples of gifts of great value to families and children living in extreme poverty. Provide a child, family or project in a developing country with a valuable gift.
Soccer shoes
A poor family in Africa often does not have enough money to send their child(ren) to school. Therefore, they will soon "force" their daughters to marry early so that they are taken care of. For these young women there is no chance to learn and build on their qualities and gifts. Hope4hope in Kenya has decided to include these young women in the football trajectory. In this way they can build on their qualities and limits and also look up and indicate these. In this way they make themselves more resilient and they are stronger in society. There is such great enthusiasm that unfortunately there is always a shortage of football boots, balls and clothing. Especially the shoes wear out quickly and playing football barefoot causes the necessary injuries. These girls are very happy with their own pair of shoes! It gives them the chance to fight, train and get stronger in the game. you see the girls liven up day by day. Sometimes they are on the field before dawn and can't wait to get started. Will you help with a new set of football boots? You have no idea how grateful they are to you! 
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1 Semester of school fees
Due to Covid-19, war and economic fluctuations, school costs have skyrocketed in parts of Africa. Many families cannot afford this increase. As a result, the children do not receive education and can end up in crime. Education offers the chance to get out of poverty, work on your future and give the children hope. It will also be difficult for our projects to get all the children to school. Despite the sponsorship, the school costs and the supplies they have to provide themselves have become so incredibly expensive. In addition, food and other costs have also increased, so we receive an emergency call from various projects. Take Triza for example: Triza is the 4th child of 6 children and is 14 years old. Her mother is the breadwinner since the father is out of the picture. The mother occasionally works as a cleaner or sells some food, but that is hardly enough to feed all the mouths. Triza has been receiving help from Hope4Hope since she was a little girl. Triza is smart, creative and talented soccer player. Her dream is to become a nurse to help others. For that she has to learn for a few more years. One semester costs 300.00. Who will help her make this dream come true? Of Evans: Evans is a diligent, hardworking and honest boy from a family of 5. He is an orphan. The project has supported him since he was a young boy and he has no one but the project. He grows into a determined boy who wants to become an engineer. One semester costs 300.00. Who will help Evans to make his dream come true? Finally Mwanaidi: Mwaniadi lives with her grandmother as her parents left her behind. Mwaniadi is supported from kindergarten, but the costs are too high. Mwaniadi surprises everyone with her intelligence, talent and, given her young age, very good at playing football. Mwaniaidi can also express herself fluently, which makes her ambitious as a lawyer. One semester costs 300.00. Who helps Mwanaidi to realize her dreams.    
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Every year there is a huge demand for firewood for the winter in Kosovo. The winters in Kosovo and northern Albania are often cold, minus 20 degrees Celsius is not uncommon. Due to high unemployment and poor government facilities, there is often no money for firewood. We ask for your help to protect as many vulnerable […]
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