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One by one we help children out of poverty and despair.

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Our vision is to help as many children as possible out of poverty and despair. One by one we help them to look at their future and the possibilities they have. But we cannot do that alone! Help build a new generation without poverty!

Join us on a journey with Project Held and meet your sponsor child!

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We are active with about 20 projects in 8 countries
Save The Unsaved
The children's home in Chirala was created after the devastating tsunami in 2004. Children lost their parents and family and were left alone.
Salvation Ministries
Many children under the age of 5 die in India. This is partly due to poor hygiene, the caste system and a lack of clean drinking water.
Youth With A Mission
In India, people with Leprosy are often seen as the untouchable. These people do not belong to society and do not receive any help from the government.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We listed a number of frequently asked questions:
How do I cancel the sponsorship?

If you want to end your sponsorship, you can do this by sending an email to Please take into account the notice period of 2 months. We would like to know the reason for termination, to investigate whether we need to adjust our services. You are of course free to give this reason and it will not affect the handling of the termination.

What happens to my sponsor child if I stop sponsoring?
The child can continue to live in the children's home, but there is less support for the children's home in total. Project Held will immediately look for another sponsor for the child.

What does my sponsor child receive for the sponsor money?

Your contribution of 27.50 euros will initially provide for the primary facilities such as shelter, food, education and, if necessary, medication. When additional funds are needed, we try to raise them with project-related campaigns.
What about the children who are not sponsored?

Not all children are sponsored in every children's home. Our aim is to find a sponsor for every child. The children who do not have a sponsor receive no less than the children who do have a sponsor; the finances are divided over the children's home per project. In fact, some children may or may not receive mail and there is less financial support for the children's home in total, so for the well-being of the orphanage, we strive to have all children sponsored, so that all basic costs are covered.

Some projects also receive support from other organizations, which contributes to the other finances of the orphanage.

My sponsor child has grown up. What now?

Your sponsor child has completed school, has a job and is able to take care of itself. In collaboration with the management of the children's home, a suitable living space is often sought outside the children's home, so that he or she can develop further as an adult.

In some cases a child is older than 18 years, because in practice children sometimes only go to school at a later age
It is also possible that your sponsor child will be employed by the children's home and continue to live and work there. However, there will then be no more sponsorship. It is also possible that your sponsor child can learn well and is admitted to the university. In consultation with the management of the home, he or she can be included in the student sponsorship program. This is a different program from the regular child sponsorship.

Your sponsorship will therefore expire and not automatically run into a student sponsorship. You will of course be informed about this and you have the option to (partly) sponsor your sponsor child within the student sponsorship program or to sponsor another child.

How long does sponsoring a child last?

The child can enter the sponsorship program until his or her 18th year. He or she is supported up to and including secondary school. Many children are then able to find a job and provide for themselves. The sponsorship ends when the child actually no longer lives within the project and can provide for its own maintenance.

Some children go to college after high school; a separate student sponsorship program has been set up for them. You can read more about this below and you will be notified when your sponsoring child's sponsorship ends. We therefore ask you to continue the sponsorship on behalf of another child, if you wish. When your sponsor child has turned 18, you will receive an extra update about your sponsor child with the progress at school and his or her future plans.

It is of course possible that the sponsoring ends early because the child can return to family or parent. You will of course be informed by us. It also happens that the sponsorship continues in consultation with the sponsor. This, for example, to pay for medication or to meet special needs. Of course this will always be in accordance with the sponsor.

I want to send my sponsor child a gift. Is that possible?

No, it is not possible to send a gift for a specific child. The children generally live in children's villages and children's homes. Receiving presents can lead to mutual comparisons and jealousy and can harm the children, and sending presents can cause customs problems.

Letters with gifts can be removed and the letter with gift will not reach your sponsor child. In addition, parcels have high import duties, which means that more import duties have to be paid.

Exceptions to this rule are cards, sticker sheets and photos specific to your sponsor child. Please clearly note the name and sponsor number of your sponsor child on the sheets / photos, but it is possible to give all children in a children's home something extra. For example, you can donate school supplies or a festive meal, if you want the children to share in your party. We do recommend that you do this by means of a donation, so that the goods can be purchased locally.

This stimulates the local economy and is cheaper. If you would like to know what specific options are, please contact us at

How long does it take to send a letter to my sponsor child?

Mail from the Netherlands to the children's home is collected at our office and sent at least twice a year. When a trip is planned to a children's home, the mail will be taken by a team. Your mail must then be at our office at least 1 week before departure. If your mail arrives less than a week before departure, we cannot guarantee that your mail will be delivered. We will inform sponsors in advance when a trip is planned.
If you want to know when the mail will be sent to the children's home of your sponsor child, please send an email to

Can I visit the home of my sponsor child

Yes, this is possible. Project Held organizes mission trips to different countries. When this will be to the children's home where you support a child, we will inform you of this, so that you can consider joining us on this trip to your sponsor child. If you have any questions, please email us at info@projectheld.n

What more can I do for Project Held?

Project Held is supported by sponsors throughout the Netherlands. You can register as a volunteer or want to share more about Project Held within your municipality or circle, you can do this by sending an email to It is also possible to support Project Held with a one-off action.
For example, there have been schools that have organized a sponsored run or collection.

It is important to pray for the children in the homes as well as for the work we do. If you want to pray for them and us, we appreciate it very much. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact or telephone: 0031-341-424-785.

Does Project Held have a quality mark?

Yes, Project Held has the ANBI status as part of the House of Heroes municipality; General Benefit Institution. Your donation is therefore tax-deductible.

We deliberately do not have a CBF quality mark. However, we do meet a number of important conditions of this quality mark. One of the reasons that we do not have this quality mark is the costs that are charged for this; this would significantly increase our overhead costs. We prefer to spend this money on the projects we support.

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