Youth With A Mission

Ramchand Saranu is the founder of several children's homes in India and is located in the city of Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The children's homes are part of Youth with A Mission Indore. Ramchand Saranu is the contact person for this project. Together with his wife and staff they take care of the children.

Abundant Life Ministries:

Here children are cared for whose parents suffer from the disease leprosy. The children are taken care of in the children's home of Y.W.AM. This way the children grow up in a healthy living environment. The parents receive structural help such as medication and care.

In India, people with leprosy are often seen as untouchable, they do not belong to society and receive no help from the government. The children of leprosy patients are automatically given the same treatment and are rejected from an early age, receive no education and that way they have no chance to participate in society. By taking the children into the home, in collaboration with the parents, they are cared for, educated and seen as beautiful individuals who will build their future. This way they can break the cycle of poverty for themselves as well as for their family.

Sahara Ministries:

This children's home takes care of children who no longer have parents or children who come from extremely poor families. The children are lovingly cared for here and are given the opportunity to go to school. Because the parents are unable to take care of the children, the children are often left alone. The parents then beg or collect plastic to sell, creating a worrisome situation. Children still go looking for their parents and if they are not noticed, nobody knows where they are anymore. These children, whose home situation is unsafe, are taken care of by Ramchand and his team. The children can go to school again, have structure and belong to a large family with friends and have hope for the future.

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