How can you send a letter to your sponsored child(ren) via the website?

You do that by going to My Account > My Letters to go.
There you can send your letter in 3 steps. You can view and download the submitted letter again later in My letters.

In addition to sending text, you can add (up to) 2 photos to your letter. It is also possible to give a present, which will be used for the children in the home of your sponsor child.

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Then fill in the My account login screen in the Register block your e-mail address and click on the REGISTER button.
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Foodstep Uganda

Foodstep in Uganda was founded 16 years ago by the Belgian couple Werner and Nathalie. They were touched by the need of the many street children, children from children's prison and severely neglected children. They started in their own house with 2, then 15 and eventually 50 children. They decided to buy a piece of land and create a warm house on it. Together with a team of social workers, foster mothers, administrative staff, cooks, drivers, pastor, etc., Foodstep has grown into a beautiful, safe and loving place for the children. All the children who live there have been placed there by child protection services and the judge, their situation was untenable. Children at Foodstep all go to school, receive good medical care, nutritious meals, social care but above all lots of love!

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Foodstep Uganda

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Project Held Gifts

A goat, bible, sewing machine or water filter. Examples of gifts of great value to families and children living in extreme poverty. Provide a child, family or project in a developing country with a valuable gift.
Every year there is a huge demand for firewood for the winter in Kosovo. The winters in Kosovo and northern Albania are often cold, minus 20 degrees Celsius is not uncommon. Due to high unemployment and poor government facilities, there is often no money for firewood. We ask for your help to protect as many vulnerable […]
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Building block Uganda
Donate a stone for one of the five houses in Uganda. The Belgian couple Nathalie and Werner are the founders of Foodstep. They have a piece of land at their disposal and their dream is to build 5 houses here. It is a beautiful place on Lake Victoria that they want to rent out to church and youth groups for a wonderful retreat and a place to give seminars, a place to spend time with God. This will provide employment for the older children in the orphanage. In addition, they want to develop a vegetable garden which in turn ensures self-sufficiency for the children. At the moment they are already busy building and there are 3 foundations for the houses. Unfortunately, the prices for materials have almost doubled in recent months and it is no longer financially feasible to finish the houses. In addition to literally helping to build, we would like to help with the costs so that all houses can be realized. We need you here! You can contribute in several ways:
  1. *For €25,- you give one stone for a house. A cottage needs 400 bricks to be completely ready to receive guests.
  2. *It is possible to donate a complete house with your church, group, foundation or company! A house can be built for 10,000 and you can give the house a name! (Obviously with Foodstep approval).
  3. *It is also possible to help build the houses in September with a group of friends, family or church, but you must provide for the costs yourself.
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Soccer shoes
A poor family in Africa often does not have enough money to send their child(ren) to school. Therefore, they will soon "force" their daughters to marry early so that they are taken care of. For these young women there is no chance to learn and build on their qualities and gifts. Hope4hope in Kenya has decided to include these young women in the football trajectory. In this way they can build on their qualities and limits and also look up and indicate these. In this way they make themselves more resilient and they are stronger in society. There is such great enthusiasm that unfortunately there is always a shortage of football boots, balls and clothing. Especially the shoes wear out quickly and playing football barefoot causes the necessary injuries. These girls are very happy with their own pair of shoes! It gives them the chance to fight, train and get stronger in the game. you see the girls liven up day by day. Sometimes they are on the field before dawn and can't wait to get started. Will you help with a new set of football boots? You have no idea how grateful they are to you!  
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