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In Thailand, hundreds of innocent children are in prison because they were "there" when their mother was arrested, or because the children were born in prison. These children are mainly from the Thai population living in the mountains. However, this population is not viewed as Thai and has no status according to the law and therefore no ID. They are a poor people and the women are often used to smuggle opium, for example, to have some financial security. If they are arrested, they will unceremoniously end up in jail. Sometimes their children are there, or a child stays behind in the mountains. They hardly ever hear from the father anymore.  

The foundation once started with a day center for the children in prison, but this has grown into a shelter for girls, where the children live until the mother, usually only after 15 to 20 years, is released. At the moment about 25 girls live in the home. All children go to school and most of the older girls attend university. Unfortunately, education in Thailand is very expensive, so sponsorship is necessary.

The plan is also to support children who live in the mountains. Poverty is very common there and  this way the children can continue to live with relatives, but still go to school and poverty can be beaten.

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Project Held Cadeaus

Een geit, bijbel, naaimachine of water filter. Voorbeelden van cadeaus die van grote waarde zijn voor gezinnen en kinderen die leven in extreme armoede. Voorzie een kind, gezin of project in een ontwikkelingsland van een waardevol cadeau.
Chicken or Chickens
The chicken are good for their own meat as well as for sale to help in Self-sustainability.
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A goat is important to a family or a project in several ways.
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The winters in Kosovo are often cold. Firewood is one thing that is very needed.
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