Please pray for Myanmar. The army of Myanmar took over the government a coup and arrested government leaders.

We have had contact with pastor Philip Thang, together with his wife he is taking care of the children in Myanmar where your sponsorchild lives. He told us that most of the country becomes dark. All phoneline and internet connection are shutdown. All prices are going up in double, there is hardly food to buy.

Banks are closed, power cut off and journalists are arrested as well. Pastor Philip asked for urgent prayer. God is the HOPE for Myanmar, a nation so full of revival and promise. Lets join our hands together and pray Gods light and power over Myanmar.

If you want to do something practical besides praying for this nation you can do a donation to support the childrenshome so they can buy food for all the children. Because of corona, all children are in the home, they receive homeschooling and are hardly allowed to leave the house. Now that this is also added, with all the extra costs and uncertainty on top of that, we want to encourage them, are you helping?

Donate here by Paypal e-mail address:

or use the information below:

Name: Project Held
Accountnumber: 502641754
IBAN: NL54ABNA0502641754

Thank you from pastor Philip and the children.

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