Letters to your sponsor child

It really makes a big difference in a child's life when she/he has a sponsor. One of the differences is that the child can go to school. If you go to school, you will have many more opportunities in the future to find a job and take care of yourself. As a result, they come out of poverty. It also connects the children.

In many of our projects the children in centers live together with other children. This is because the parents are unable to take care of the children, to provide the children with a safe environment, or because one or both parents have lost their lives.

The circumstances in which a child is born often determine the future. A sponsor has a positive influence on the children of our projects. That's why we and our projects are so incredibly grateful for our sponsors! One by one we will lift these children out of poverty.

Something that also means a lot to the child is receiving a letter or card from the sponsor. The sponsor then gets a face, a character and the children feel loved and special. Since these children are often rejected or rejected, this also helps in restoring their identity in who they are.

But what do you write to your sponsor child is a question we often get. "What can I talk about in my letter without hurting or hurting the child."

Below we have listed a few examples for you. If the child asks you something, respond positively and encouragingly, that is what these children need. Safety, encouragement and love.

  • What is your favorite color (please indicate your favorite color and why)
  • What is your favorite bible text (please indicate your favorite bible text and why)
  • Tell something about the family or family situation, possibly explained with pho
  • Tell us about your work or hobbies and ask. what your sponsored child likes to do.
  • Ask how school is going, if they have any friends, and anything about your friends.
  • Request a prayer request. Often the children find school difficult and it is nice to know that their sponsor is praying for them.

We also know that one child is not the other child. We see whole texts and beautiful drawings of some children. The other child has a little more trouble expressing himself or writing something down and may find that he/she can't draw very well and would rather not do this. This is nothing personal to you! We know from experience that the children are very happy with their sponsor. They often cannot stop talking when they have received a letter and enthusiastically share it with the other children.

We would therefore like to ask you to keep writing or to send a photo or card. If your sponsor number and the child's reference number and name are on it, we can process it in our system and it goes to the correct project. If you want to do something special, we ask you to do this for all children. So that no children are favored or spoiled extra. If you have any questions after this message, you can of course always contact us via

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