Ardian Krasniqi

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Adrian was born in the village of Demjan. The family lives in appalling conditions. Ardian's parents are both mentally ill and unemployed. Ardian lives with his parents 2 sisters and a brother. Ardian is a bright boy with potential and opportunities to get a good education. Ardian has just started in first grade. Ardian likes to play football and sing and in his spare time he does homework and plays with his friends.

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The Bridge Foundation

During the Balkan war in 1999, this area in Kosovo and Albania was most affected. The project helps children and women who have lost their fathers or husbands in this terrible war.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed a number of frequently asked questions:
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What more can I do for Project Held?

Project Held is supported by sponsors throughout the Netherlands. You can register as a volunteer or want to share more about Project Held within your municipality or circle, you can do this by sending an email to It is also possible to support Project Held with a one-off action.
For example, there have been schools that have organized a sponsored run or collection.

It is important to pray for the children in the homes as well as for the work we do. If you want to pray for them and us, we appreciate it very much. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact or telephone: 0031-341-424-785.

Does Project Held have a quality mark?

Yes, Project Held has the ANBI status as part of the House of Heroes municipality; General Benefit Institution. Your donation is therefore tax-deductible.

We deliberately do not have a CBF quality mark. However, we do meet a number of important conditions of this quality mark. One of the reasons that we do not have this quality mark is the costs that are charged for this; this would significantly increase our overhead costs. We prefer to spend this money on the projects we support.

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Project Held is committed to children in hopeless situations. We also support other aid projects.
Gifts to Project Held are tax deductible
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