Held @ Home is looking for ways to help those affected by the consequences of Covid-19. At the moment we have had the opportunity to support a school. Due to the lockdown and the fact that schools have been closed for a long time, it is difficult for many children to properly pick up online and home lessons.

Especially children who had already fallen behind or who find regular lessons difficult due to circumstances now fall somewhat between the two.

This also applies to the children we are allowed to help. These children have not been in the Netherlands for very long and do not yet have a good command of the Dutch language. Online lessons are not an option and they often do not have internet or a laptop at home, so it is impossible to teach these children via the internet.

A great challenge for the teachers to still teach the children at school. Especially if the teacher or teaching assistant themselves have been affected by the virus. The result is often that a very small team is used, which means that there is little time for attention for the child and teachers are more likely to become overworked.

Held @ Home has offered to help. In consultation and observing all Corona rules, we will support the teachers one morning a week. This means reading with the children and playing games in small groups so that they have a better command of the Dutch language in a playful way.

In the coming period Held @ Home will invest one morning a week in these children so that they hopefully can get rid of a little bit of the backlog and the teachers are spared a little in the workload.

(For privacy reasons no photos of the children posted).

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