Together we make a difference for today and tomorrow.

Food and clothing

Ieder kind heeft recht op voedsel en kleding.


Ieder kind heeft recht op onderwijs.


Ieder kind heeft recht op onderdak.

Medical care

Ieder kind heeft recht op medische zorg.

Your help is urgently needed.

What do we do with your donations?

With your donations you contribute to a better living environment for the children in the children's homes. In addition, Project Held has several projects running, in which, in addition to sponsoring the child, it also contributes to the necessary help around the project, such as wells, costumes for the school-going children, extra construction for several children and beautiful spacious sleeping places etc.


If you would rather donate to the project of your sponsor child or for any other reason, please indicate this in your authorization.

Join us on a journey with Project Held and meet your sponsor child!

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Project Held special news items
4 March 2021
Spring in the house
Tuesday 23 February was the day. Early in the morning we were at the tulip supplier that we had found willing to deliver 125 bunches of tulips for the nursing home in Grootebroek. These nice people who work hard for a sandwich welcomed us with a smile and took us to the cold store. The […]
4 March 2021
Discover new words together
Once again Held @ Home was present at the school again. As mentioned earlier, a school with children who learn Dutch because they come from another country. In addition, there are 4 different levels in the classroom, which gives teaching an extra challenge. What a pleasure to be able to work with children. The nice […]
10 February 2021
Held@School (2)
Once again Held @ Home traveled to the school for non-Dutch speaking children. The first official school day for all children in the Netherlands, after months of lockdown due to Covid-19. The children who are helped by Held @ Home could continue to go to school, because online teaching is not possible for this group […]
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