Spring in the house

Tuesday 23 February was the day. Early in the morning we were at the tulip supplier that we had found willing to deliver 125 bunches of tulips for the nursing home in Grootebroek.

These nice people who work hard for a sandwich welcomed us with a smile and took us to the cold store.

The choice was pink, red and yellow. Beautiful colors to bring a little color to the residents of the nursing home in these difficult times.

The forests were bundled in large quantities and together we counted out the forests and put them in boxes.

How nice is it that after talking together for a while we were told that we could take the tulips with us! What a blessing to be able to give and then also to receive!

With a fully loaded car we went back home and there we packed the tulips per bunch in a nice piece of paper and enclosed a warm card. In this time when the restrictions have lasted so long, we hope to be able to bring some color into the center and now that spring is starting to show a gesture of HOPE.

Each bunch received the necessary attention and after a few hours they were ready to be received. Again, Held @ Home went to the nursing home with a fully loaded car. Due to the restrictions and rules, we were unfortunately not allowed to bring them along ourselves, but our contact persons within the center considered it a great honor to be able to do this.

A cart full of flowers entered the nursing home and after the residents awoke from their afternoon nap, all residents received a beautiful bunch of tulips. The forests were received with great pleasure and a warm welcome and the forests that remained went to the employees who also deserve praise during this time!

All in all, another successful action in which we were once again allowed to show God's love for these people and to bring a little light and warmth to this time.

Of course we hope that the rules will soon be relaxed so that we can go back to people ourselves and that we can support these people in a different way in a while.

Discover new words together

Once again Held @ Home was present at the school again.

As mentioned earlier, a school with children who learn Dutch because they come from another country. In addition, there are 4 different levels in the classroom, which gives teaching an extra challenge.

What a pleasure to be able to work with children. The nice thing is that the children are already starting to recognize you and start telling their story spontaneously. In Dutch of course, so it is a good exercise.

We certainly see progress with most students, but we also notice that some have real difficulty with the Dutch language.

The u or uu, the a or aa o or oo etc. and the onion, oe, ij or egg, it's not that easy either. Repetition is very important and that is why it is nice that we are there.

Because of Corona, the children had to miss lessons for weeks and that has to be made up for, especially if you already have such difficulty with the language.

Working one on one or in small groups is then pleasant. Precisely because the children can then ask questions more quickly, they concentrate better and it is more often their turn to read or answer.

Kortom met een voldaan gevoel hebben we de school weer verlaten en hebben de kinderen volgende week eerst een weekje vakantie. Daarna zullen we zeker weer van de partij zijn en de kinderen helpen waar nodig is.

Held@School (2)

Once again Held @ Home traveled to the school for non-Dutch speaking children. The first official school day for all children in the Netherlands, after months of lockdown due to Covid-19.

The children who are helped by Held @ Home could continue to go to school, because online teaching is not possible for this group of students, partly because they often do not have a laptop at home.

A number of children were not present this morning due to the winter weather, which made the roads difficult to pass. For the children who were at school, this meant extra attention and a quiet working environment, which was sometimes nice.

“The children like it” and “they learn faster” are the comments the teacher gives us. That's what we do it for!

Held @ Home read with the children, had conversations, named words and pictures and discovered new words with the children. “The children like it” and “they learn faster” are the comments the teacher gives us. That's what we do it for! In this way we help to clear up part of the backlog. In addition, the teacher has some extra time to go deeper into the material with the other children. Win-Win situation.

We also enjoy being with the children, hearing stories and playing memory, quartet or other games together. This increases their vocabulary, they learn to deal with winning and losing and they learn to help each other. We are already looking forward to the next time!


Please pray for Myanmar. The army of Myanmar took over the government a coup and arrested government leaders.

We have had contact with pastor Philip Thang, together with his wife he is taking care of the children in Myanmar where your sponsorchild lives. He told us that most of the country becomes dark. All phoneline and internet connection are shutdown. All prices are going up in double, there is hardly food to buy.

Banks are closed, power cut off and journalists are arrested as well. Pastor Philip asked for urgent prayer. God is the HOPE for Myanmar, a nation so full of revival and promise. Lets join our hands together and pray Gods light and power over Myanmar.

If you want to do something practical besides praying for this nation you can do a donation to support the childrenshome so they can buy food for all the children. Because of corona, all children are in the home, they receive homeschooling and are hardly allowed to leave the house. Now that this is also added, with all the extra costs and uncertainty on top of that, we want to encourage them, are you helping?

Donate here by Paypal e-mail address: info@projectheld.nl

or use the information below:

Name: Project Held
Accountnumber: 502641754
IBAN: NL54ABNA0502641754

Thank you from pastor Philip and the children.


Held @ Home is looking for ways to help those affected by the consequences of Covid-19. At the moment we have had the opportunity to support a school. Due to the lockdown and the fact that schools have been closed for a long time, it is difficult for many children to properly pick up online and home lessons.

Especially children who had already fallen behind or who find regular lessons difficult due to circumstances now fall somewhat between the two.

This also applies to the children we are allowed to help. These children have not been in the Netherlands for very long and do not yet have a good command of the Dutch language. Online lessons are not an option and they often do not have internet or a laptop at home, so it is impossible to teach these children via the internet.

A great challenge for the teachers to still teach the children at school. Especially if the teacher or teaching assistant themselves have been affected by the virus. The result is often that a very small team is used, which means that there is little time for attention for the child and teachers are more likely to become overworked.

Held @ Home has offered to help. In consultation and observing all Corona rules, we will support the teachers one morning a week. This means reading with the children and playing games in small groups so that they have a better command of the Dutch language in a playful way.

In the coming period Held @ Home will invest one morning a week in these children so that they hopefully can get rid of a little bit of the backlog and the teachers are spared a little in the workload.

(For privacy reasons no photos of the children posted).

Follow-up help to elderly home

As agreed, we returned with a small team from Held@Home to the elderly home to help clean up the Christmas trees. The moto many hands make light work, was clearly reflected.

The 5 Christmas trees with decorations that we were able to decorate with care a month ago can make room for something new. Something that everyone needs at this moment.

The residents kept their distance, which is also naturally considering the Corona situation, but in this way we were able to finish what we started.

When the situation permits, we will personally visit a number of residents with Held@Home to take them out of their loneliness and give them personal attention. However, we still have to wait for that because ot the Covid-19 rules that are necessary to protect the elderly.

Keep an eye on our website and facebook if you want to stay up to date.

Christmas with our projects

With Project Held projects, Christmas is always THE party of the year! Besides the fact that we celebrate the birth of Jesus and this is very central to the projects, it is also the time of the year when all children are back at the center.

In many African countries it is usually, when you have completed the normal school period you go to a boarding school. This often means outside the center for a longer period of time.

So if you are all back at the center around Christmas, see each other again, get presents and enjoy good food, that is THE moment of the year that is really enjoyed!

It is also a wonderful time to be together in the other projects. Celebrate the birth of Jesus and often food is distributed in the neighborhood to show the people in the area and experience that Jesus brings Hope in every situation!

Sharing Doughnuts in an elderly home

We entered the nursing home in Grootebroek with 120 doughnuts and more than 50 presents for the female residents. For a moment it was quite exciting whether our campaign with the doughnuts in the nursing home could continue, given the lockdown that had been called. This appointment was scheduled for probably the last morning that volunteers were allowed to come in, what a blessing!

Despite everything, there is a warm atmosphere in the home. The fact that we could contribute to that only made it more beautiful. Each resident received a freshly baked doughnuts. The residents were pleasantly surprised with this promotion and were happy to bite into these delicious Doughnuts. In addition, we saw that the little attention and visit alsoid them very well.

In addition to the daily help and care, many of these people receive few visitors. So an extra visit and attention was very well received, especially at this time!

Just a chat and some fun brings joy and happiness.

From Held @ Home we gave the female residents a nice package with flowers and a sweet card. With this we showed that they are loved and valuable.

The reactions were heartwarming and even the staff enjoyed the donuts and attention. A day with a golden edge!

Held@Home in nursing home

Tuesday December 8 was the day. Held@Home in action at the nursing home in Grootebroek N-H. The first appointment in a series of three. Decorating Christmas trees in the entrance and central hall of the home was our mission. We traveled with a team to this center where we were warmly welcomed. After disinfecting our hands, wearing a face mask and recording our data, it was time for action!

While enjoying a cup of coffee, we first discussed what was expected of the team and how we could do this with the current rules in mind. Decorating a tree two by two seemed the best, in total there were 5 trees to decorate.

The residents enjoyed the atmosphere that was created and a number of residents had a talk with one of the inhabitants. People like a little extra cosiness and now and then a little extra attention such as saying hello, a good morning and "how beautiful it will be" already provides connection.

The team had a taste for it and in no time the trees were full of lights, streamers and balls. After also giving the central halls some extra atmosphere, it was time for lunch again.

A neat lunch was ready for us, including soup and a croquette sandwich, prepared by our contact persons on site. The slogan love in action came up more than once this morning!

Two more appointments to go, next week we will bring all residents an oliebol, with perhaps a talk and cozy Christmas music in the background. Just before Christmas we will personally visit a number of residents. Residents who hardly receive any visitors and who also need some personal attention.

New website with webshop

In recent weeks we have worked hard on a completely new website for Project Held. We are extremely proud of the end result and cordially invite you to admire the new website! In addition to extensive information about our projects, upcoming trips and news items, we now also have a webshop in which we offer a number of products such as beautiful and encouraging cards, bags, jewelry and various gift items. You can purchase these products for yourself or to encourage others. The proceeds from the webshop benefit our projects.

In addition, you can also give a goat, chicken, well etc. as a gift to one of our projects. Visit our webshop here to make a project happy with one of the gifts. ( At the moment the webshop is only in Dutch, we are doing our best to have it in English as well).

Within Project Held we have started a new project, namely Held @ Home. The goal of Held @ Home is to reach out to the people who are less fortunate, feel lonely or need a visit. Everyone knows someone in their environment who has been affected by Covid-19, in whatever way.

At the moment Held @ Home has appointments at a nursing home to bring donuts and help decorate the Christmas trees. Small gesture, great joy! In addition, more activities will be added in the near future.

If you want to join one of the activities that Held @ Home is going to do, you can send an email to info@projectheld.nl

You can also easily surprise someone in the neighborhood with a small visit by bringing our Held @ Home package along. A nice vase with dried flowers and a label with beautiful text on which you can write something on. This way you always have the start of a good conversation and the ice is broken, how nice is that! Click here to view these packages.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit someone, you can also let us bring them to people where Held @ Home comes. Then we can support someone on your behalf. Click here to order it.

See below what a joy it gives, just a little attention.