About Project Held

Our vision

We want to save as many children as possible from poverty.

Due to poverty, children often fall between the cracks and there is no longer any prospect of a hopeful future. They become entangled in survival and lose the child within them early on.

Consequences of all this could be prostitution, human trafficking, begging etc. growing up without a home and a safe base that damages a child for the future.

We want to make it hard for these children. This can be done through sponsoring. When a child is sponsored, he / she can go to school, he / she lives in a safe environment and can build on the future. In addition, we are closely involved in our projects and there are short lines of communication, which ensures that care for these children is shared.

Because we regularly travel to our projects with a team, brotherhood, a mutual relationship and trust are created so that when there is a need, the alarm can be raised quickly.


Not so long ago God also determined us among the families and lonely people in the Netherlands. Here too, we want to help and support the people together with those involved and as far as it is within our reach, we want to be a bright spot in the sometimes dark times.

“Love in Action” is what we want to convey to the one who can use it at that moment. By involving as many people as possible, we contribute a little bit to the suffering people can sometimes end up in.

Our motivation is to express the love of Jesus in what we do!

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Our Team

Mattheus van der Steen


Mattheus was born in 1975 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, attended Maritime College at the age of 17. After his studies he worked as a Maritime Officer and has seen a lot of the world and traveled to different countries. During these travels he also saw a lot of poverty and need.

The Lord called him after the Kosovo war to help the widows and orphans. That is where the idea of ​​Project Held arose and upon his return to the Netherlands he started a ministry including supporting children in need through sponsorship.

Now years later, 550 children worldwide are supported and Project Held is still expanding.

Paulina Zoetebier


Paulina, born on November 30, 1969 as the youngest in a family of 5 children where there was plenty of room for singing and music, the first principles of the love for music were invested.

Finally, I was able to discover that music is a great gift from the Master Designer himself … Father God! At a young age I started writing songs about nature and songs about God and what kept me busy.


Now years later, Paulina is a well-known Worship leader who is known worldwide in the evangelical world. Recently Paulina formed her own band called Hope Alive Music.

Paulina is an Ambassador of Project Held and is 100% committed to injustice and poverty among children.

Viviane van der Bijl

Financial worker

Viviane van Bijl has worked at Project Held almost from the start and has seen Project Held grow, but also experienced the more difficult times, when the children threatened to lose sponsors and the projects could hardly keep their heads above water. That gives her a heart to persist in standing up for these children!

Viviane mainly works in the finance department and she also helps with all kinds of manual services within Project Held. Each year, Project Held visits a number of projects and Viviane is also closely involved. Together with Tine Buis, they jointly carry out all activities and developments within Project Held.

Tine Buis


Tine has had a passion for children all her life, especially children who just miss the boat. About 10 years ago she started as a volunteer at Project Held which quickly grew into a valued member of the team.

Thanks to her boundless energy and empathy, she has been able to assist Project Held in its growth and development to where it is today. Together with Viviane van der Bijl, they jointly carry out all activities and developments within Project Held.

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